Who else?, Hopstreet Gallery, Brussels
Heidi’s Delight, The Stable, Waregem
Current Residents & Associates, Greylight Projects, Brussels
Presidential Suite, Rue Royale 250, Brussels
The Ideal Husband, Jan Colle Gallery, Ghent
Neo Nostalgia, Sala d’Art Jove + Homesession, Barcelona

Every Letter is a Love Letter, Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia
Living the Image, Quincallerie Van Der Eycken and Beursschouwburg, Brussels
Always a thief and never caught, Netwerk, Aalst
The Outer Limit of Some Thing, Lamart, Antwerp
Fallen from Grace, Broelmuseum, Kortrijk

Egon Van Herreweghe’s work encompasses a wide variety of media – photography, painting, sculpture, film – that never linger long enough to identify his approach. Characteristic are one-off installations combining a venue’s architecture, pre-existing elements and new objects produced by himself or other artists. Van Herreweghe weaves these materials into a narrative focusing on the model citizen as defined by consumer society.


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