Night Cream Ottoman, 2019
Apartment for sale, The Fridge, Sofia
Who else?, Hopstreet Gallery, Brussels
Heidi’s Delight, The Stable, Waregem
Current Residents & Associates, Greylight Projects, Brussels
Presidential Suite, Rue Royale 250, Brussels
The Ideal Husband, Jan Colle Gallery, Ghent
Neo Nostalgia, Sala d’Art Jove + Homesession, Barcelona

Every Letter is a Love Letter, Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia
Living the Image, Quincallerie Van Der Eycken and Beursschouwburg, Brussels
Always a thief and never caught, Netwerk, Aalst
The Outer Limit of Some Thing, Lamart, Antwerp
Fallen from Grace, Broelmuseum, Kortrijk

Egon Van Herreweghe’s work raises questions about the ever more dominant role of global brands, products and digital images and the affective appeal that these have on us. Characteristic are site-reflexive installations for which he deploys specific materials and techniques never lingering long enough to identify his approach. Once immersed, it becomes clear that all parts, such as the invitation, location, existing elements or newly produced objects by himself or by other artists, interact in a meaningful and precise manner.


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