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Vogue painting - untitled n°1
Intervention at Jeff’s Café (men’s room)
Intervention at Jeff’s Café
Nespresso - exhibition proposal N°3
Installation view, Hopstreet Gallery, Brussels, © hv-studio
Exhibition view No. 1 - the back of Lady Justice
Exhibition view No. 13 - the incessant withdrawal
Paintings and Sculpture - exhibition view No. 5
Paintings and Sculpture - exhibition view No. 6
Untitled (Vogue painting)
Garden of Multiple Appearances - Model No. 6
Close up - PK80 daybed replica
Close up - middle window corridor +3
Close up - In the name of beauty
Exhibition view - storehouse +2
Between drawing and trash (pages as a pile)
Between drawing and trash (pages as a pile)
Poppositions production plant
Cuckoo’s egg No. 5
Elective Affinities 2 - page 3
Elective Affinities 2 - page 33
Exhibition view No. 1
Untitled (spread from the book dummy)
The incessant withdrawal (installation view n°1)
The incessant withdrawal (installation view n°2)
Installation view from ‘Subject to the Abstract’ at gallery van der Mieden
Installation view N°2
To embrace a thing in its absence
Untitled (tryout for pattern painting)
Untitled (the ceiling of a friend’s house)
Untitled (in collaboration with Bieke Debuydt)
Untitled (De Witte Raaf - Blinky Palermo)
Exhibition view - Happy House #5
Installation view at Cecilia Jaime Gallery
Untitled - 12 dots
Untitled (stains, scribbles and scratches)
Untitled (stains, scribbles and scratches)
The traces we leave on things (and the traces they leave on us)
Untitled (installation view ‘lost and found’ at CC Mechelen)
Untitled (installation view ‘Figures of speech’ at Secondroom Antwerp)
Afb0383 (installation shot with mobile phone in studio)
A reflexive form (with figurative material)
A reflexive form (with figurative material)
A reflexive form (with figurative material)
Flower arrangements for Modernists
Salient traces of physicality - page 24 of 42
Elective Affinities - page 2
Exhibition view - patterns
Exhibition view - folded piece
Folded piece
Persian carpet (close-up)
Obituary of time (set up)
Untitled (discobolus 3)
Untitled (Pages 148-149)
Untitled - black n°1
Untitled - black n°3 (at CC Strombeek)
Untitled (installation view)
The void
A Strange Glance (installation view)
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 1
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 4
Unfinished work (installation view)
Untitled - Ulay & Marina Abramović ‘Imponderabilia’ 1977 (Installation view)
Pages 68 + 69